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Raymond Thomas Pronk's Podcast
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Category: Politics
Location: Dallas, Texas
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February 20, 2020 07:32 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1399

February 14, 2020

Story 1: Department of Justice Will Not Prosecute Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe -- When are U.S. Attorney John Durham Indictments Coming Down for Illegally Syping on Trump Campaign? -- Summer or 12th of Never -- Will Justice Be Done -- Videos --

Story 2: Department of Justice Unseals 16-Count Indictment Against Huawei To Steal Trade Secrets of Six U.S. Companies -- Videos --

Story 3: Just Walk Away From Two Party Tyranny Big Government Parties -- Walk Away Renee -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 17, 2020 10:30 AM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1398

February 13, 2020

Story 1: Hope Returns To The White House -- White Lies Resume -- Videos --

Story 2: Attorney General Bill Barr Will Do The Right Thing -- Stone Should Get A New Trial Due To Juror Foreperson Bias--  Total Miscarriage of Justice In Political Prosecution of Stone to Silence Telling Truth To Power By A Great Public Speaker -- Long List of Liars To Congress Not Prosecuted -- Double Standard Justice -- Revenge Recommendation of 9 Years For Lying To Congress! -- Vacate Stone's Conviction -- Videos --

Story 3: Massive Federal Spending and Taxes of  The Two Party Tyranny Sets New Records -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 13, 2020 01:06 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1397

February 12, 2020

Story 1: The Red Diaper Babies Grew Up To Be REDS (Radical Extremist Democratic Socialists) and Won In Iowa and New Hampshire -- Videos --

Story 2: The  Political Elitist Establishment (PEEs) Hunt Down Deplorables -- Socialist Satire -- Coming To A Theater Nearest You March 13, 2020 -- Friday The 13th --Lying Lunatic Leftist Losers vs. American Winners -- Videos --

Story 3: U.S. Houshold Debt Rising To Over $14,000,000,000 While Federal Reserve Continues To Expand Liquidity By Over $1,000,000,000 -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 12, 2020 06:02 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1396

February 11, 2020

Story 1: Divided Democrats Decide New Hampshire’s Radical Extremist Democratic Socialists (REDS) Presidential Candidate In 2020 — The Winner Is Bernie Sanders — Videos–

Story 2: Trump Rally In Manchester, New Hampshire Attracts Tens Of Thousand — Americans Love A Winner — Videos —

Story 3: What Are American Concerned About? Not Climate Change — Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 11, 2020 12:06 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1395

February 10, 2020

Story 1: Media Opinion Polls Manipulating American Public Opinion -- Ignore The Big Lie Media Mob -- Trump Should Win In Landslide Victory in 2020 -- 70 Million Popular Votes and 330 Electoral College Votes -- Revolution -- Give Peace A Chance -- Imagine -- Videos --

Story 2: President Trump Talks To America's Governors At Business Summit -- Videos --

Story 3: Coronavirus Has Killed Killed 910 in China and Exceeds SARS Death Toll -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 10, 2020 07:07 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1394

February 7, 2020

Story 1: Solid January 2020 Jobs Report: 225,000 New Non-farm Payroll Jobs Created in January and Labor Participation Rate Increased to 63.4% with Over 729,000 New Participants in Labor Force! -- Videos --

Story 2: President Trump Answers Big Lie Media Mob Question on Way To North Carolina  -- Trump Derangement Syndrome of REDS (Radical Extremist Democratic Socialists) in Congress -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 09, 2020 01:57 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1393

February 6, 2020

Story 1: President Trump Speaks At National Prayer Breakfast -- Slams Pelosi and Romney For Using Their Faith To Justify Their Actions -- Faith Based Adoption -- Videos --

Story 2: President Trump Acquitted Forever By Senate Takes A Well Deserved Victory Lap Over Failed Coup Attempts By Clinton Obama Democratic Criminal Conspiracy -- Nobody Including Democrats Are Above The Law -- American People Demanding The Indictments of The Conspirators -- The Trump Way -- Videos --

Story 3: DNC Chair Demands Iowa Recheck The Vote Count and Bernie Sanders Won By More Than 8,000 -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 06, 2020 02:08 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1392

February 5, 2020

Story 1: President Trump Delivers 2020 State Of The Union Address — Videos —

Story 2: Lacking Trump Impulse Control — Petulant Pelosi Ripping Up President Trump’s 2020 State Of The Union Address– Insults American People And Honored Guests — In Your Guts You Know Pelosi Is Nuts — Trump On Crazy Nancy — Videos —

Story 3: Senate Acquits President Trump Of Both Articles Of Impeachment: Articles 1 Abuse Of Power: 52 Votes Not Guilty And 48 Votes Guilty And Articles 2 Obstruction Of Congress: Not Guilty 53 Votes And 47 Votes Guilty — Videos —

For additional information and videos:


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